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Under 15

Under 15 Boys  Wix Shield   2017/ 18

The Wix Senior Challenge Trophy, the Wix Shield or simply the Wix? Call it what you will but it is 116 years since it was first played for. It is a fine trophy and this prestigious competitions is one of the oldest in England . Since 1901 the Wix has had it’s ups and downs.
Today the Wix flourishes and more schools enter it than any other. 41 are in this years draw.

Holders :   School

Round One..... Deadline : 7th October 2017

1 Turnford v Birchwood 17 Barnwell v bye
2 J H Newman v Townsend 18 Nobel v bye
3 St Edmunds v Aldenham 19 Tring v bye
4 Marriotts v Roundwood Pk 20 Chancellors v bye
5 Queens v J F K 21 Rickmansworth v bye
6 John Warner v Monks Walk 22 Marlborough v bye
7 Richard Hale v Stanborough 23 Barclay v bye
8 Bushey Meads v St Marys 24 Hemel v bye
9 St C Danes v S F O 25 Parmiters v bye
10 Kings Langley v Simon Balle 26 Freman College v bye
11 Hertswood v Goffs 27 Cavendish v bye
12 Owens v bye 28 St Michaels v bye
13 Sandringham v bye 29 Longdean v bye
14 Sir J Lawes v bye 30 N Breakspear v bye
15 Verulam v bye 31 St J of Arc v bye
16 Ashlyns v bye 32 Beaumont v

Round Two..... Deadline :10th November 2017

A Birchwood v J H Newman I Barnwell v Nobel
B Aldenham v Marriotts J Tring v Chancellors
C Queens v John Warner K Rickmansworth v Marlborough
D Richard Hale v Bushey Meads L Barclay v Hemel
E St C Danes v K Langley M Parmiters v Freman College
F Hertswood v Owens N Cavendish v St Michaels
G Sandringham v Sir J Lawes O Longdean v N Breakspear
H Verulam v Ashlyns P St J of Arc v Beaumont

Round Three..... Deadline : 15th December 2017

i J  H Newman v Aldenham v Barnwell v Tring
ii Queens v Richard Hale vi Marlborough v Hemel
iii Kings Langley v Owens vii Parmiters v St Michaels
iv Sandringham v Verulam viii N Breakspear v Beaumont

Quarter Final..... Deadline : 29th January 2018

W Aldenham v Queens Y Barnwell v vi
X iii v Sandringham Z Parmiters v Beaumont

Semi Final..... Deadline : 9th February 2018

S1 W v X S2 Y v Z

Final ..... ateTBA

F S1 v S2